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Summer 2021:
CPE301 – Embedded System Design (Online)
IoT Smart Cities – Choonam International University, Gwangju, South Korea (Online)
CPE100 – Digital Logic Design I – Changsha-UNLV 3+1 Program (Online)
EE493 – Multiple Independent Study
EGG370 – UAV Flight & Testing

Spring 2022:
CPE301 – Embedded Systems Design (Hybrid)
CPE477 – Embedded Security and Machine Learning (Hybrid)

Fall 2021:
CpE403 – Advanced Embedded Systems
CpE476 – Mobile Robotics
EGG470 – UAV Applications

Past Teaching

  • Courses Taught (2007 to 2021)
  • Electric Circuit I (EE220): F09, F10, F12
  • Digital Electronics (EE 421): S07, F09, S12
  • Computer Logic Design I (CpE100): S09, F09, S13, F13, Su21
  • Computer Logic Design II (CpE200): S11, F11, F15
  • Embedded System Design (CpE301): S08, S10-21
  • Advanced Embedded Systems (CpE403): F07-21
  • Mobile Robotics (CpE476): F19-21
  • Embedded Security & Machine Learning (CpE477): S22
  • Advance Digital Logic (ECG703): S07
  • VLSI Physical Design (ECG 708): F08
  • Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Systems (ECG709): S10, F14

New Course Development Activities

  • Embedded System Design (CpE301)
  • Advanced Embedded Systems (CpE403)
  • UAV Simulation and Testing (EGG470)
  • Advance Digital Logic (ECG703)
  • VLSI Physical Design (ECG 708)
  • Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Systems (ECG709)
  • Mobile Robots (CpE476)
  • Embedded Security and Machine Learning (CpE477)