List of resources/facilities available in our research Lab

The Embedded Systems Laboratory (@TRC Lab) , located in SEB 3259, has:

  • Computing Resources:
    • Five workstations, a GPU server (RAVE supercomputer with two quad-processors, 4 TESLA K80 GPU, and 256 GB RAM) to process high-performance computation.
  • UAV Equipment:
    • Six quadcopters from various manufacturers to conduct a variety of UAV research.
  • 3D Printers:
    • two-3D printers.
  • Camera Equipment:
    • Two hyperspectral cameras PICA II and PICA NIR, linear and rotary motion kits.
  • Acoustic Equipment:
    • High-end directional microphones and recording equipment.
  • Robotics Equipment:
    • Rovers with controllers, various depth sensors and Lidar scanners (RPLidar, SlamMapper, RealSense, ZED, miniZED, DepthSense, Intel RealSense SR200,305,435i,265T), high-accuracy IMUs, wheel encoders and other embedded boards to conduct the proposed research.
  • Single Board Computers/FPGA Board:
    • High-performance embedded (NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TK1 and TX2) and reconfigurable boards, including 7 Zynq Zedboards, 6 DE2i-150 boards, 6 Terasic 8 Megapixel cameras, 5 GoPro cameras, five TI TMS320C6x DSK boards, Analog Devices boards (SigmaDSP, Blackfin, SHARC boards with audio and video add-on boards).