2018 UNLV Electronics and Robotics Summer Camp

For motivated Middle & High School Students

(Ages 12 – 18)

FEATURING: Arduino · Electronics · Robotics · Programming ·

Hands-on · Projects based · Small group size (25)


Learn hands-on electronics and robotics. You’ll start creating awesome and stunning robots.

Dates: June 11th – June 26th 2018 (12 days)

Timing: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

@ UNLV – Electrical and Computer Engineering
TBE Engineering Building,
4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154


Take a look at some of the projects covered in the workshop and get in touch to reserve your spot. Registration website open, see below

Workshop Projects.

Hydroponics, Home Monitoring and Control, Arduino Bluetooth Car Control, Line Follower Robot, Gesture Control, autonomous robots, etc.


The workshop will cover six concepts required for understanding robotic design, Introduction and Basics, Hardware Programming, Inputs & Outputs, Sensors, Communication, Robots.

Introduction and Basics.

This section will focus on basics of electrics and electronics. Students will understand the concept of current, voltage, power, digital representation, etc. Individual tasks to measure and regulate current, voltage and power will be demonstrated through hands-on experiments.

Hardware Programming.

This section will introduce the students to fundamental of hardware programming using Arduino Programming Language. Arduino programming language is an objected oriented language that is used to program the “Arduino”-microcontroller. Students will be introduced to the syntax and semantics. Tasks to effectively apply loop, condition statements will be demonstrated.

Inputs & Outputs.

Introduce students to concepts to read and write analog, digital and time-varying signals. Tasks to read voltage levels, output on displays, etc will be implemented.


In this section, the students will explore different interface options for sensors; read and display sensor values, use sensor values to react and control actuators and motors. Tasks to read sensor data, output on displays, control of motor position and speed, etc. will be implemented.


Introduce students to concepts to wired and wireless communication. Explain concepts of RF and BLE communication, wired and wireless protocols, etc. Tasks to read and write sensor (accelerometers, lux sensors) using wired and wireless communications will be implemented.


Students will assemble and control a mini robot/rover from scratch. Develop a robot controller from scratch, use of sensors for navigation, control of robot/rover using mobile apps, development of mobile apps, autonomous navigation, etc.

What is Included?

Lab Kits . Work guided and monitored by faculty and graduate students . Personalized feedback . Project Achievement Report . Certificate of Completion


Cost of the workshop/camp (Instructions & Supplies): $500
Extra for food @ UNLV commons (https://unlv.campusdish.com/)


Dates: June 11th – June 25th 2018
Days: Monday to Friday only
Time: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Daily Schedule.

9:00 AM – Drop-off
9:30 AM – Instructions
10: 30 AM – Hands-on Labs
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Instructions & Labs
2:30 PM – Close


UNLV Electronics

Meet Our Team.

Venki Muthukumar

Professor & Instructor

An expert in embedded systems and robotics. He teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in Embedded Systems, Reconfigurable Design, UAV Simulation and Testing, and Mobile Robotics

Graduate Assistants

Sub-instructors, PhD Students

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